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Introducing Yuma Sanada

Feeling like spazzing about Yuma Sanada.
Member of Johnny's Jr since 2003.

1st time noticed him in a magazine. Didn't know that he was in JE or that he's in 1 Literu of Namida with Ryo Nishikido.   Been "alert" for him ever since. Kinda hard since he's only a Jr.   Turned out I was pretty lucky coz I managed to spot him every now and again in Shounen Club. He back danced for YYyah quite a lot too which helped.

And suddenly, the very cute little chubby boy is a no more.
He's 16 now. Got picked to play one of the main character in the long drama series "Kipanchi Sensei" season 8. He's became a kakkoi teenager now.

Don't know since when but, somehow always seeing him dancing and then singing and now in a "unit" together with Yuki Nozawa, who's navybluechan  fave. So the two of us always gushing about Yuma Sanada & Yuki Nozawa together. Me and her would share info of any kind about those two boys. Especially when they got to be in a magazine which was a rare thing. Thank goodness the two of them now got quite a spotlight of their own, so we can watch them regulary performing in Shounen Club and got to see them in magazines on monthly bases too. Happy time ^^

Sanada Yuma
* 21st Nov 1991
* Blood type: O
* 54Kg/ 172 cm

Here's some pic. I scanned them ALL myself. so.. credit where its due onegaishimasu..

Yuma's older pics

Anyone knows from which drama was this?? Better still, do you have it?? ^^

Yuma Sanada now...

Well, there's still more but I'll post them later. Too much already in one entry  ^_^
So.... cute right?? ROFL

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