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First thing first...

Albert Einstein asked,
"The question that sometimes drives me hazy: am I or the others crazy?"


* This is a semi-friends locked frieds only livejournal.  As of now, i'm all out, supporting only KT-TUN & MNOS. So if you have problems with that, better leave now. And 95% of my entries are flailing on Sho [or ARASHI] & Kamenashi [or KAT-TUN]. The rest most likely be on Supernatural, Criminal Minds, or any other JE groups, western tv series, or any other random topics that I feel like flailing about. Nothing really interesting. 
* Please, DO NOT random adding me.

* I'm pretty open to new friends, but just make sure we do have something in common or most importantly your LJ is not empty!  That's just... what's the point?  [unless I know you in real life of course]
* The few scans of Sho Sakurai & Kamenashi Kazuya that I have are now in locked entry. If you need them, just PM me. I'll unlocked it for a couple of days.There may/may not be MU/MF links. [see the list]
* I make icons/avatars every now again. Its not the best works there are but I do made it myself and with heart. So take it, use it, if you credit me then I thank you for doing so. If not, just don't claim it as yours coz that 's just icky!. The same for resharing those icons/scans.
* I'm not ladysakurai on youtube. [and FYI, "Lady" is the name of my beloved dog who already passed away, and not me trying to be his mrs, in case u're wondering... lol ^__^ ]
* Thanx for reading this note  *bow* 

Sho Sakurai
* arashi scan dump
* arashi goto sho only  
* kisarazu cats eye - wink up
* duet's arashiizm sho's parts
* sho in arashi's calendars 
* sho in iroiro  magazine
* sho in seventeen magazines

Kazuya Kamenashi
* kame/kat-tun scan dump
kame [popeye feb 08, anan, top stage]
* kame & junno parts in DOMUCON pamhplet
* kamejunno picspam
* Kamejunno picspam
* kamejunno picspam
* kame/kat-tun iroiro oldpics

Sanada Yuma
* duet & wu august 2008
* introducing yuma sanada

~ my tricks to hang up uchiwa & poster

~ icons/avatars of Sho, Kamenashi, Matsujun, Junno can be trace via the [avatar] tags in my LJ ~


Thank You!
2010 Icons Credit

For icons that I made before this year, I need no credit because the pictures are all scanned by me and made it with the little knowledge & stuff that I have in my photoshop. THANK YOU  for those who share their scans through step_n_go   (arashi),  jone_records    and also in kattunlove    kamehome_pantip   
jesychan    pornvilai   zatanicons 

Also THANKYOU for the tutorial and PSDs and texture sharer whom I found through icon_coloring  
l0vemetender   angelchann   lyiziana_s    sk943283    cemmoo   strawapple  

~ If I forgot anyone, gomeeenasai... ~

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