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ashes to ashes

dust to dust.
Its still happening, I can only pray to God that He keeps my family, friends and fellow church members of the Orthodox Church in Yogya safe & healthy in this uncertain times.

*warning* some pics are not for the weak stomach.

Yogyakarta, some 20km from the volcana located.

On the day it first erupted I'm sure people who are active in twitter noticed the #prayforindonesia on their timeline or twitter trending. Even international artist like Tom Cruise, Ricky Martin, Kim Kardashian, Joe & Nick Jonas, Bieber, even Koike Teppei expressed their sadness for Indonesia who was/is experiencing this rage mother nature spell on us. Flood. Earth quake follow by tsunami. Volcano eruption. It all happened in parts of Indonesia in 2 short days, all at once. A sympathy. A knowledge that we are all just a mere human, stripped off our differences, race,  RELIGION, background. We all should feel or at least realized even for ourselves that this a tragedy. So I dont understand some of the people who hold grudges based on all those things, specially religion. But I guess to each is its own. If anything all these years a person teaches me, a tragedy no matter how small or big, no matter in what kind it appears, it could happen to anyone, even ourselves. So be grateful if today you're safe, healthy, have a place to lay your head to sleep & eat to your heart content. Be grateful... always.

credit: Jogjaku via FB

Beautiful pictures, devastating reality.

Friday, 29th Oct.

Monday, Nov 1st.

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