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when my fandom is perfect again

Must be a few months ago when I read the tweet from BBC Entertainment about Robbie Williams back with Take That and their already working on an album together. One of my oldest boyband fandom world is screaming with such joy I still remember when I was watching the late night news and in it was Take That's press conference of Robbie leaving the band. I was so shock that I called my niece (in another city) right away, and it was almost midnight and no cell phone yet :P

But now, not only Take That back being the fab five [told you FIVE is a great number for a boyband *winkwink*], but Robbie & Gary (the "arch enemy" who said to be the main reason why robbie left) had a single out together! The lyrics said it all I guess. But I just love seeing Robbie back with Take That, and Gary, he looks like he was then. The cheeky guy that I came to love then hate then admired LOL

If u dont know Take That's history, maybe this will help just a lil bit :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=60g5_MG0MIU&feature=related

And when was it, last month? Quite a late tweet (for my time) which shocked the heck outta me coz I've never see it coming, ever!  The collaboration tour of NKOTB & Backstreet Boys. Which now called, NKOTBSB. At least all these fabulous news from across the pond keeps my fangirl self happy, still waiting for things to be more enjoyable again with my fandom from JE

And before you all said anything, told u that five is the perfect number for a boyband/group. And thats how I want to see KAT-TUN stay. Always. Cheers!

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